TCP tunnel between application and device


I have an application that communicates using tcp with a device. I would like to send this communication through NR so that I can capture the response from the device to use the information.

I have started with a tcp in node that listens on the required port from the application and I can see a buffer of data coming from the application, this then is sent to a tcp response node that is connected to the device ip and port. The debug nodes show the arriving information and I think there is a reply from the device out of the response node, but how do I send this back to the application?

Advice would be appreciated

You need another 2 nodes to receive then send the return data.

Thanks for the response

I did try something like this, I have connected the output of the tcp request node (which I think is the reply from the device) to a tcp out configured to return the response to the application but the out node does not connect to the application. I assume that the port connection is blocked (used) by the tcp in

I think we need to know more about the device and how it works, what it does.

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