Telegram node-red is no longer working

I am getting these errors. Not sure what it means. I have an inject node that I am using to test and I get this message after a few seconds that the message goes through. I also have pihole on a docker, but on the query log i see it went through ?

"Error: EFATAL: Error: getaddrinfo EAI_AGAIN"

Did it work before ? I would suggest to report the problem on github instead.

Yes it did. I will report this.

A quick internet search turned up the likely answer.

You have a DNS problem.

Thank you for the response. I think in fact that my problem may be caused by something else as I tried to disable my PiHole (which I thought that was causing the problem) and that didn’t fix the problem.

I will try to make sure my Node Red Docker can ping somewhere outside and come back with more details on things I’ve tried.

Where does your DNS point to on the NR machine ?

Presumably the PiHole - if you are running that on Docker then i would look for some issues between Host and Network conenctivity - which can be tricky with Docker

From the NR machine try and ping a google address

ping or

If that works then try and ping

If that works then you do not have a DNS problem - move on to the next level


Thanks! Will try that. I actually turned off pihole just to see if the problem would be fixed and noticed the problem persists.

One thing I was going to try was to re add the telegram bot to see if that fixes. Or even make up another bot and see what happens but I will try what you mentioned.

I tried going to the console for node red via portainer and doing a ping but it told me that command doesn’t work. Did you mean that?

Thank you. I did post it on GitHub a few weeks ago. Will follow up again on that thread see if anyone has familiarity with that error.

Hey thanks again for the help. It is now working. I think it was a DNS issue that after changing my PiHole to another machine and fixing other DNS issues I had somehow Telegram node fixed “itself”.