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i have two Telegram bot with different Name and different Token of course!
should the "chatId" be the same on both? or should it be different?

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The easiest is to try :slight_smile:
In my case, it is the same... I assume it is true for all.

in my case also but found this strange, because it is important to add on the message! so why to have only 1 ID for multiple bot's?
but ok - thanks for the confirmation @greengolfer

I find this strange too. I have tried to understand and look at the documentation on telegram... and couldn't find any explaining it.
My understanding:

  • the token is the "identity" of the bot
  • the chatid is the "name" of your phone.

So, with the same token, but with a different chatid, you could reach another phone. This is what I am doing.
Don't ask why. It is just like that :slight_smile: or at least my (limited) experience shows this.

The chatid isn't for the bot. It is for the user or group that the bot is talking to.

Yes. But as the name suggests, it should be something identifying the chat. And not the user.
So, with different bots (that is different chat), you use the same chatid and a different tokens. I find this weird.

The chat is with a person or a group. so the id aligns to the user/group.

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