Template node widget output on click - Json for ui control

I have template node widgets with some data to display in Dashboard Home Tab. They also could serve as buttons to jump on other tabs where I put Back buttons to return at Home. There are no problems with button nodes to return.
However I can not find right syntax for template nodes click event. I was trying to send like:
ng-click="send({payload: '{tab:Tablet}'})" but obviously this is a String not an Json Object to be accepted by ui control node.
Here is an example of one widget.

<md-button class="vibrate filled touched bigfont rounded" style="background-color:#c0392b" ng-click="send({payload: '??'})"> 
<i class="fa fa-thermometer-half fa-2x" style="color:{{msg.payload.Trend}}"></i>
    &nbsp&nbsp{{msg.payload.TopR || '?'}}&#176C<br/><br/>{{msg.payload.Bottom || '?'}}&brvbar{{msg.payload.Middle || '?'}}&brvbar{{msg.payload.TopR || '?'}}

What could be the easiest solution here?

ng-click="send({payload: {'tab':'Tablet'}})"

Then don't send a payload string, send an object.

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