Tesla Powerwall 2 : how to get all power data from gateway not only "state of charge"

I can successfully connect to my tesla powerwall 2 gateway using the example flow:


From the httprequest node "Get Tesla SOE" I can get the actual battery charge passing "soe" in the last part of the url:


but how can I get all other power related data i.e:

  • PV solar generated power
  • House power consumption
  • Power to and from the grid

My goal here is to mimic the tesla powerwall dasboard inside my domotic node-red dashboard. Anybody has achieved something similar?

Hi - I used these flows as the starting point and modified them for my use.


I log all the data to a mySQL db, so there is a lot of custom stuff in my flows. Also, take a look at some of the discussion in these comments:


Hope this helps.

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