Text-entry node for the flow editor?

Is there a node that allows text entry in the flow editor? Similar to an inject node, but where the text-entry box is always open.

I want to use this for setting flow variables. Ideally, it would also show the current value that a variable is assigned to (The node-red-show-value node already performs this duty).

I have searched Google and this forum, but not found anything like this. Thanks in advance for any help.


I assume this is mostly for debugging / validating flows?

I think it would be a bit difficult to do directly in the 'flow editor' itself, but easy to do using the 'node-red-dashboard'. Use Manage Palette, install the 'node-red-dashboard', make sure to add a new Dashboard page, add 'ui_text_input', add an 'OK' button, and then go visit the URL of the small page it creates - e.g. : "http://localhost:1880/ui". You will see a section for displaying / entering text and the button.

Bind the click event from the OK button to write to a variable. Then each time you click the button the contents of the variable are updated.



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If you leave the inject config window open you can edit the payload or whatever property - and then hit
without having to re-deploy.


Those are both decent options. Just not exactly what I was hoping for. Maybe I need to look into writing my own node.

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