Text Input node suggestion

The Text Input node.....

It has options so it can be limited to what it is inputting.

Eg: Time, Date, Month, Text, Number, E-mail address and so on.


PLEASE have an option for 24 hour time.

The text input format uses the html5 options which are browser dependent, and usually pick up from the system locale

Ok, thanks.

I am messing around with / helping someone and there is a text input node and it is set to time but is forcing me to do the old way, not 24 as my browser is set.

(or I hope is set.)

How can we prove this one way or the other?

Try on another page like https://www.w3schools.com/tags/tryit.asp?filename=tryhtml5_input_type_time



Saying it is morning and I type:
09 the 9 is displayed.
Adding the minutes the minute value is added.
Then there is the seconds value.
No input accepted on the link you showed.
No input accepted in the flow either.

(Moving on)

So, now it is afternoon.

I type is 16 and it magically turns into 4. But the AM stays as AM.

Working as expected for me.

As Dave says, this will be locale specific. Your browser should pick up its locale hints from the OS but may also have specific settings for language - I don't think they should have an impact but it is easily tested.

In new Edge:

Windows 10 settings:

Note that I always change my short-date settings to ISO format (YYYY-MM-DD) to save confusion.

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