Looking for a good `time` picker

The dashboard has a great node date picker.

It would be fantastic if there was one similar for the time.

I've searched the library and didn't find one.


The text input has time input mode, don't know if it qualifies as "good" for you but it definitely does the time picking

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How did I miss that?



Argh! One annoyance: It doesn't like hours > 12! So you have to qualify the AM and PM thing... Yuck.

Guess it will have to do though.

I think it depends on locale settings of browser or system...

I hope they are set to 24 hr time. That's all I see.

How did you get those pop ups?

click on the icon at right end

All I see at the right is a cross...... (Cancel input I take it)

Screenshot from 2021-01-17 20-44-04

Or does it need to be ridiculously wide to see it all? (No offence)

My "box" is 6 wide. I had it set to 5. I made it 6 and no change.

It's a browser thing.

Try opening your dashboard in Chrome.

Look at this

I am with chrome, just thinking you are may me on firefox ...

I'm gonna have to have a word or two with Firefox.

That's woeful for this day and age.

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