Tf.model node error

Hi I have put my model.json in tf.model node but there is sth wrong with that node. After I refresh the page, I don't see that node and see sth like that. It's a bit weird.

so after the manual installation, this is what happens.

Based on the reading, I need to create custom-binary.json under the scripts but there is no permission to create. I also confuse how to give access to that. Pls give me some suggestion on that also.

Still Cannot Install after I follow the instructions:

So I have followed all the steps given by node-red to install tensorflow-model node. But the installation issue still occurs.

the error shows that I need to install peer dependencies but I think I have installed the peer dependencies. l don't know why the peer dependencies is not inside my installation libraries.Pls suggest me with that. Thank you.

You should be installing the modules in ~/.node-red.

The errors you got in your first screenshots are because you were running it in the wrong location.

Sorry I don't get it. Could you guide me step by step? How to find that ~/node-red?

In the cli get to the ‘pi’ folder and enter
cd .node-red
Which should put you in /pi/.node-red and then run
npm install node-red-contrib-tf-model

Folders that start with a period are hidden folders

sure thank you, I will try and do that.

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