Tfjs nodes does not work

I am using node red to run a NN inference. So Im using
"node-red-contrib-tf-model" module, which version is 0.1.11
tfjs version = 1.5.1
The problem I am facing is that my nodes tf-function & tf-model appear on the manage palette as not found !
Can someone help me please ?

Can you explain what you mean by that?

Did you follow the instructions in the README about installing the co-reqs?

(You have to do this outside the Node-RED editor)

I have solved the problem of the palette
But still have an issue with nodes releated to tfjs( I tried to run the command suggested but still not working and Im using WSL)

Yes I've followed the official documentation
and yes I did it outside node red editor

What happened when you followed the instructions in the error message? Go into the .node-red folder before running the command.

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