The CRC16 code in the flow example is strange

I used the example code below.

The problem arises only with certain strings.

The string looks like this:

If you input this to the CRC16 modbus rtu node, it comes out as follows.


To come out normally, the last part should come out "BD09".

However, if you put the NodeRed example code, it comes out in the form of "D9B".

Even if I try to insert other strings, they all come out normally, but only the code I put in, the CRC modbus code comes out abnormally. Any solution?

Almost sounds like something you want to ask first on the author's github page.

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Not according to this website

Perhaps there is a problem with nodered. As you can see it should come out as 170 bytes, not 169 bytes. Only that string comes out like that. When you do the rest it works fine.

Why?? I suspect that neither Node-Red (nor the makers of) made the node contrib you are testing with... that would be nixator. And it is just over about a month old, so perhaps still in development? Perhaps you should post a bug report there.

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