The dashboard 'audio out' node doesn't speak text

Good morning everyone, I come to you to answer a question, I am using the audio input node of the dashboard group, my problem is that it does not speech text and the voices do not appear to work. I'm using Chromium in raspbian OS
thanks everyone

audio1 audio2

The node info say's;

If your browser has native support for Text-to-Speech then a msg.payload can also be a string to be read aloud.

Does your browser have native support for Text-to-Speech?

i using chromium of raspbian

I don't think that Raspbian Chromium has the TTS voices installed. You could try google to see if there is another suitable browser, or whether TTS could be enabled.
I'm not using Raspbian Chromium, but just tested on Windows Chromium, and yes, it works fine here.

gracias voy a editar mi pregunta especificando que uso chromium en el raspbian OS

He cambiado el título del foro, ¿está bien?

yes, thanks

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