The workspace contains some nodes that are not properly configured

Can't find this "not properly configured" node, I've searched and checked multiple times but for a month or so still getting this message. Rebooted multiple times and updated to the latest NR 20.2 still getting this error.


Have you tried searching with "search flows" option?


Yes, search find it, but when I click on it, it goes to nowhere.


Actually this MQTT IN node is nowhere (on empty, non existed flow).


Can you find any sign of it in your flow.json file? (in node red home directory or in projects if you are using projects) Maybe it is somehow corrupted but so lightly that everything else can still work properly.

normally the entry looks like this

      "type":"mqtt in",

Yes, but I kind off afraid to delete some important stuff.


Don't rush to delete or modify anything.

I see that property z value is 0. That's the flow id it should be bounded but by all means this is wrong value.
I think it's reasonable to ask a little help from leaders. @knolleary

You can share the entry properly by copy your flows.json content into some online JSON formatter, let it format to be readable and save result as separate file just for case. Then you can share meaningful parts of it as proper input for investigations if needed. If such kind of issues happen it is good to find root cause and probably fix it. For brighter future for all of us.

        "id": "9ff48ef4.6d5bc",
        "type": "mqtt in",
        "z": 0,
        "name": "",
        "topic": "parkinglights/#",
        "qos": "1",
        "broker": "",
        "x": 210,
        "y": 900,
        "wires": [

Almost good. Please read this and edit your post to to get format of code part in your posts now and in the future in the right way

Flow code is updated

Welcome to the forum :wink: It shouldn't take too long to get some high level attention in you issue.

If you make a copy of your flows file (if it is important then you should have a backup anyway) then you can safely delete that section (and one of the commas around it). Restart node-red and see what happens. If all is then well then fine, if it introduces more problems then you can copy the original back, restart node red again and you will be back where you started.

Im using Node Red for about 2 years , first major issue I cannot resolve with out asking help.
Tempted just delete this part of the flow, but want to do proper way if there is any.

One (and probably only) way is to delete it and you might be resolved your issue.
But this does not reveale anything about root cause why this kind of things happen. By sharing experiences at least one step is made to make things better.

All good now.

Side note: after this "surgery" I got one bad configured MQTT broker, which I just deleted from the Node Red Interface. And I'm 100% sure that this MQTT broker was't present before.

Thank you guys

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It depends what you mean by 'present'. It must have been in the file even if it was not visible in the editor.

Same problem with a dasboard item / removed from all flows * json but error stays

Do you use subflows ?

No but I have resolved it to delete all the flows en to delete all flows in the node red home folder.
Then import all the saved flows en no problem everything works fine now.