The workspace contains some unknown node types:server

Hi to all,

I am having an error of "The workspace contains some unknown node types:server". Could you please help me about how can i solve this error?

Thank you.

Hi @mirhanozdemir

This error means you have likely imported a flow from somewhere that uses nodes you don't have installed.

The fact it's a node call server is very unfortunate - that is way too generic a name for a node type.

The quick fix would be to click the 'Search for unknown nodes' button - it will reveal the nodes in question which you can then delete to remove them.

Alternatively, if you know what you imported that introduced this node, see if there's any information included on what additional modules you need to install.

Hi @knolleary,

Thanks a lot for your prompt response.

I have tried to search for unknown nodes, but it is showing as "unknown." Yes, as you said, I have copied and pasted some nodes from the web, but it was working fine for a while. Suddenly, this error occurred. Therefore, I am wondering if this issue is caused by the copy-paste. If so, wouldn't it have shown the error when I first used it?

I also created a new and simple flow and used nodes from my list. However, this error still pops up when I deploy this simple flow.

Here are some screenshots of the error.

Thanks again for your support.

Screenshot 2024-03-08 120901

If you still have that node in your workspace you'll need to delete it to get things working.

Double click on it in the Config Nodes sidebar (the bottom screenshot) - that'll open up the edit dialog with the delete button in the top.

Hi @knolleary,

Thank you very much. After deleting it, the program is running smoothly as before :hugs:

Warm regards.