Thermostat - ESP8266 (ESP-GO)


I have found great articles/blog about Home Control using NR + ESP8266 written by Peter Scargill
I was trying to follow him with the Thermostat project, which was kind of pain to me (mainly because I don't have enough of knowledge).
You can find my experiences in the comments below the Peters Thermostat–the 2019 updates article about NR thermostat.
While attempting to insert the NR flow code from my clipboard here, I have discovered it is over the limit
(Body is limited to 32000 characters; you entered 49245.). How to put the code here? I am trying to attach it to this post as a txt file.
thermometerNodeRedClipboard.txt (47.5 KB)



I know what you mean, a bit of a pain but there for good reasons I know.

The best approach is probably to publish as a flow on the flows site (you need a GitHub login to publish a flow). Then you can link to that from here.



Many people is recommending to use Works well.



The flows site links to the equivalent GitHub capability. It has the benefit that the community can see what you've done more directly than pastebin.