Thermostat UI Question


Hi there,

how do you handle thermostats in your dashboard? I have found some examples but cant believe, that this is all that exists.

The only usable example was the nest flow I found and i have adapted it to my Homematic devices, but even this is not really "perfect".

I am thinking about an Gauge kind of thing with current and set temperature, and also having more Information like the valve and battery display.

Optional generated buttons for predifined Temperature Settings would be good like off, boost, warm...

Does anybody already implement this?



Check out Pete Scargill's blog - he has some good examples.

I also posted something I've been working on though I use a table at the moment - I might switch to using a linear gauge at some point but I've been busy on other things recently. I also want to eventually implement "scenes" for heating so that the family can boost the ground floor for example.


Hi TotallyInformation,

thanks for the two links/thread, I was already reading into it and am looking forward to see it beeing done :slight_smile:


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While I want to go @TotallyInformation ‘s way myself with uibuilder next, there is a NR dashboard ui widget which has all the thermostat elements you look for, though not being a gauge:

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Regarding future gauges in uibuilder with vue, here’s an example of use of a simple gauge courtesy of echarts for vue:

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hi bohtho,

thanks for the first, I knew that already, but I would not even show that to my wife. Of course it works, but it is overloaded and has now WAF in my eyes.

the Vue thing seems very nice, I will take a second look into that thing, thanks.