Threema Node: Path to SDK


can anyone help me with the Threema-Node?
I have Node-Red running in a Docker-Container on a Synology DS918.
I have installed the Threema-SDK, I have the public key, the private key, the secret of the API and I have my ID.
But I do not understand what to enter in "SDK Exec"

The Threema gateway is installed to opt/iobroker/threema-gateway-venv

So I tried opt/iobroker/threema-gateway-venv/bin/threema-gateway and several other... but nothing works.
msg.error from send-message node is

"Error: spawn opt/ioBroker/threema-gateway-venv/bin/threema-gateway ENOENT"

Any ideas?

I think that is more likely to be /opt/iobroker/... with a leading slash

Again most likely there should be a leading /.

This was not the solution unfortunately.

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