Is here anyone who uses node-red-contrib-threema in node-red successfully?
I have installed the Python SDK as described here and due to some error-messages in the terminal I also installed libsodium-dev.
Via command line I am now able to e.g. retrieve my credits or to retrieve the public key of any Threema ID (since this works I suppose that the SDK is properly installed and configured).
But these nodes do not work (msg.error is "Error: spawn /opt/ioBroker/threema-gateway-venv/bin/threema-gateway ENOENT"

Node-red is running as an adapter in IOBroker which is running in a Docker-container on a Synology.
The path to the Threema gateway files is /opt/ioBroker/threema-gateway-venv/bin/threema-gateway.
The path to the private key is /opt/ioBroker/threema-gateway-venv/bin/privatekey.txt

I am stuck. I Hope that anyone can help....

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