Time frame based report-by-exception (RBE)?


I’m using RBE with my Harmony Remote (HWS Observe) node as multiples of the same command are captured when an Activity is kicked off on the remote.

As that repeating payload only lasts for a short period, e.g 2 seconds - I only want the RBE to work for a specific time frame/duration, so if the command is sent again e.g 10 seconds later it will get through ?

Does anyone know of a node that does that ?

Have you tried sending a msg.reset message through?

Split flow before the RBE node, send one through a delay node set to your 2ish seconds, change message payload to null and set msg.reset, and then feed into RBE node. Send teh other direct to your RBE node

Would that be better with a Trigger node rather than Delay, set to send nothing then send the reset after 5 seconds and set to extend delay if new messages arrive?

if a trigger node was used instead, set to send original msg object - wait for 2.5 secs - and extend - then send nothing, there may be no need for the rbe at all as the original message will only go once per time period.

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@dceejay trumps us all yet again with the cleanest solution.

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He's got insider information! :slight_smile:

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I've been at this game a while now...

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