Time out OPC UA Server


I get an OPC UA connection error if I try to connect to OPC UA Server:

OPC UA connection error: The connection has been rejected by server, Please check that client certificate is trusted by server.
Err = (Transaction has timed out (timeout = 60000 ms))

Is there an option to set the time out time for the connection?
I installed node-red on Linux Mint 18


/ roberto

Pretty sure if it doesnt connect in 60000ms its never gonna connect.

You should look into the real issue of the connection being rejected due to client certificate not trusted.

Have you put certs in the right place for your client / server?

thanks for the hint!
The OPC UA server is a Siemens device so how do I handle the issue with certificates
I don't have an idea how to generate this certificates - is there a manual or how-to?

PLC? IoT box? HMI? Something else?

I dont know either but normally you add the certificates generated on your node-red to the server using the documented methods for the OPC-UA server

this is the documentation for node-opcua

Here is a pheonix contact example - it will help a little more with the node-opc-ua part of it - but you need to find the relevant procedure for OPC-UA server you use.

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