Issues reading data from OPC-UA server

I keep working on an industrial application to integrate all the data of the machines in our plant for their posterior storage in a DB and process.

Until now, I'm using S7 nodes to retrieve the PLC data from a specific vendor, some http nodes with GET/POST commands to retrieve the data of the mobile robots fleet manager, and now I have to get data from another vendor who decided to use OPC-UA to offer the data.

I started with UaExpert to connect to the server. My idea was to get the node IDs and subscribe to the values I need, so I receive regular updates when the values change. I would then update the values in a global context to store the data, and regularly save those values to the DB.

The settings of the server are as such:

This is the test flow I have on node-red:

The inject node is using the timestamp as payload and the tag ID from UaExpert as topic:

The OPC UA Client node is configured like this:
I selected READ and not subscribe until I'm sure that I'm getting the data I want. Since the login in UaExpert is using self-certificate, I selected the same on the OPC UA client node.

However, when I deploy and node-red tries to connect, I get the following 3 output messages in the debug window:

OpcUaClientNode: Create Client: [{"securityPolicy":"1","securityMode":3,"clientCertificateManager":"2","requestedSessionTimeout":300000,"clientName":"3","endpointMustExist":false,"defaultSecureTokenLifetime":200000,"connectionStrategy":"4","keepSessionAlive":true},"",{"untrustUnknownCertificate":true,"state":4,"folderPoolingInterval":5000,"_watchers":"5","_readCertificatesCalled":true,"_filenameToHash":"6","_thumbs":"7","_pending_crl_to_process":0,"queue":"8","location":"9","keySize":2048,"referenceCounter":0,"automaticallyAcceptUnknownCertificate":true},"",{"maxRetry":10512000,"initialDelay":5000,"maxDelay":30000},[],{"C:\\Users\\ferrerons\\AppData\\Roaming\\node-red-opcua-nodejs\\Config\\PKI\\trusted\\certs\\NodeOPCUA-Client@proddata[fa43bffd02fadd1eb2d18b73d95f5f39e3e76c4e].pem":"10"},{"rejected":"11","trusted":"12","issuers":"13","crl":"14","issuersCrl":"15"},[],"C:/Users/ferrerons/AppData/Roaming/node-red-opcua-nodejs/Config/PKI",...
OpcUaClientNode: Case A: Endpoint does not contain, 1==None 2==Sign 3==Sign&Encrypt securityMode:[3] securityPolicy:[""]
OpcUaClientNode: Case B: UserName & password does not match to server (needed by Sign): undefined undefined

Then I added a catch node connected to a debug node with the complete msg, but it does not catch anything, and still get the same error output (and no information about the tag I was trying to read).

Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

OK, this might be another case of self-solved problem.

It looked like I was doing everything correctly, but the system administrator had set the firewall to block all the ports except for a few. Turns out all the ports for OPC-UA between the node-red server and the OPC-UA server in the machine were blocked.

After the sysadmin unlocked them, I got good results:

If you're having similar problems, check that the ports are open before doing anything else, or you will waste hours of your time by looking for causes that are not there.

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