Problem: Connection between Node-Red and opcua

I met the Problem when I tried to use opcua. And I have upload my program.
flows.json (148.2 KB)

<"OpcUaClientNode: Case B: UserName & password does not match to server (needed by Sign): undefined undefined">
<"OpcUaClientNode: Case A: Endpoint does not contain, 1==None 2==Sign 3==Sign&Encrypt securityMode:[1] securityPolicy:["Profile Reporting Links>
<"OpcUaClientNode: can't work without OPC UA Session">

I saw the similar problem in the forum but I am not quite understand how it is solved. Here is the Link:

It would be nice if someone can give me some help
Thanks a lot

In my case, everything was done according to the documentation and it didn't work, because the system firewall was cutting the connection between the OPCUA server and the Node-red server.

After the sysadmin opened the ports between the OPCUA and the Node-Red server, the issue was resolved and everything worked as it should.

Check the system firewall settings and try again, that might be the problem.

Hello OriolFM, Thank you very much for your reply. Due to my work, I won't be able to continue this project until next week at the earliest. I will try it as soon as I can at work.