Problem: Connection between Node-Red and opcua

I met the Problem when I tried to use opcua. And I have upload my program.
flows.json (148.2 KB)

<"OpcUaClientNode: Case B: UserName & password does not match to server (needed by Sign): undefined undefined">
<"OpcUaClientNode: Case A: Endpoint does not contain, 1==None 2==Sign 3==Sign&Encrypt securityMode:[1] securityPolicy:["Profile Reporting Links>
<"OpcUaClientNode: can't work without OPC UA Session">

I saw the similar problem in the forum but I am not quite understand how it is solved. Here is the Link:

It would be nice if someone can give me some help
Thanks a lot

In my case, everything was done according to the documentation and it didn't work, because the system firewall was cutting the connection between the OPCUA server and the Node-red server.

After the sysadmin opened the ports between the OPCUA and the Node-Red server, the issue was resolved and everything worked as it should.

Check the system firewall settings and try again, that might be the problem.

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Hello OriolFM, Thank you very much for your reply. Due to my work, I won't be able to continue this project until next week at the earliest. I will try it as soon as I can at work.

Hi OriolFM, I thought back and indeed Node-Red was having problems connecting to opcua after updating the windows system. But I checked the firewall history and it didn't close anything. After I turned off the firewall, the connection still didn't work.:frowning:

Update I've opened all ports now, but still no successful connection. The state of the ports are SYN_SENT

The error messages you posted were consistent with the ones I got, and in my case, the problem were the ports. If not the ports, then I'd say look again at the Username/password on the OPC/UA server, since the error specifies that the Username& pass do not match the ones in the server.

You have to make sure that the user has the right permissions for read/write (whatever you want to do) and that the Username & password match the ones you use in Node-Red.

In your system, are both the OPC/UA server and NR deployed by you, or is the OPC/UA deployed by a third party?

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