Timerswitch triggering at wrong time, timezone offset?

I am using Node-red 1.0.3. I am having a problem with node-red-contrib-timerswitch 1.2.4

The time set to trigger an event is off by six hours. I am in GMT-6 so I assume the problem I am having is related to the time zone offset. I have a different node that shows the time on the dashboard and it has the correct local time, so I expect that my Raspberry Pi is set to the correct time zone.

I have used node-red-contrib-timerswitch at work on a setup R-Pi setup there and I am get switch events correctly. I don't know what the versions are but I think they may not be current.

What should I check to help find the issue?

Programmed time is 15:39:03,
message using debug happens at 9:39:08 AM

You could try

It supports timezones, can have an unlimited number of schedules, can send any payload at any time you need.

Open a terminal on the Pi and run
that will show you what time it thinks it is and the timezone.

I thought that the timezone was correct because a clock node I am using had the correct time. I thought they would get the time from the same place. I assumed wrong.

I did the date command and the time was wrong. I then ran raspi-config and the timezone was not set. I must have missed that step when I did the last setup. I don't use linux much. It is only running a mqtt broker so far and haven't had a need to go much further yet.

I thought this would be something simple. Thanks for the help.

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