TimeSchedulerNode: Error: Module not allowed

After the latest upgrade to Armbian 22.08.8, my node-red refuses to start. Appreciate any help with

recovery as my backup is a bit old.

I have discovered starting node-red in safe mode and then removed the latest node addition (a video streaming node) and now everything is back to normal.

I expected node-red to warn me after the deployment, but then, why take the fun of debugging?


Just a slight suggestion:

The screen shot of the error/log:

Rather than pasting the scree shot which my poor eyes struggle to parse,
copy the text from the screen and paste it here.

(How to do that in the preferred way)
Up the top in the Tool bar you see a button </>

Click it and you will see a message like this:

type text here.

Paste it and things should look nice and people can better see/read the error.
But glad you got it resolved.
(You also may want to mark the thread as SOLVED but ticking the solution box at the bottom of your second post.

Warn you of what?

I thought the sentence was clear if my earlier message on the solution were read: A bad node did pass deployment but prevented node-red to start.

  1. You haven’t told us what the node that you installed was.
  2. the error indicates that ffmpeg is not installed. Did the node install instructions mention anything about that?
  3. have you opened an issue on the node”s GitHub page?

Now, that is a clear question:

  1. node-red-contrib-ffmpeg
  2. I didn't check then as I followed the rule of removing the latest change to resolve the problem.
  3. No because of item 2.

And thanks for everyone's input.

It crashed node red while it was starting. There is no way node red can predict that, therefore it could not warn you.
Similarly, node red has no way of knowing during the node install that it may give problems.

Too bad you didn’t read the installation instructions because you would have seen this:


$ npm install node-red-contrib-ffmpeg

Note: This node requires that you have ffmpeg installed on your machine. Homebrew users brew install ffmpeg.

but likewise it could try and detect if it wasn't installed and not crash... - so def worth raising as an issue.

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