Ffmpeg-spawn - import/deploy issue

@kevinGodell node-red-contrib-ffmpeg-spawn v0.1.0-beta.2
occurs on Rpi and macOS both running NR v2.0.5

If you import the flow below (a single configured ffmpeg-spawn node) you will see a red triangle show up and if you try to deploy you will get an alert:

The workspace contains some nodes that are not properly configured:

  • [MY FLOW] TearsOfSteel (ffmpeg-spawn)

Are you sure you want to deploy?

But if you open and close the node - without making any changes - the red triangle goes away and it deploys fine.

What is going on?


It is still very rough, hence being beta and not yet published on npm. I wish you could have moused over the triangle for node-red to tell you which property the node was unhappy with. When developing, especially the property menu, I struggled with the way that some values seem to be converted to strings, even bools. It was probably me incorrectly validating one or more of the properties.

When importing your flow, I did not get the red triangle, but maybe that is because I am testing a newer version than what is currently pushed to github. Lots of cleanup to do.

Is it at least functioning at run time?

Yeah I know but thought you would want to know about this.

A mouse over shows

Invalid properties:

  • msgOutput

and it runs fine once you open/close it.

Anything else you want me to try, let me know.

Thanks, I do appreciate it. My current unpublished version no longer uses that property. I am trying to get the new version pushed by this weekend. I will let you know when it is available.

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If you are struggling with your node development, please post your question on Discourse so we can assist you :wink:

I struggle, but eventually get past it. I have the luxury of having no deadlines with my software hobby :wink:

After looking more closely at my code, I think it was my attempt at migration. When an end user is updating to a newer version of the node that includes more properties and settings, I think that node-red does not get actively involved. I was trying to ease the end user's pain and probably caused more trouble than help. I have silenced the migration code and pushed an update to github.

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@kevinGodell works great now! Thanks for the fix!
tested on both macOS Big Sur and a Raspberry Pi runnig Buster

NOTE: you have to replace the existing ffmpeg-spawn nodes to get rid of the issue.

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