Ffmpeg-spawn install problem


trying to install your nodes but i get this error

See Node-red-contrib-ffmpeg-spawn

nodes listed that begin with kevinGodell/ are not published to npm and will be installed from github.

npm install kevinGodell/node-red-contrib-ffmpeg-spawn


Sorry, I don't understand what you mean by installing from GitHub. I downloaded the GitHub code and installed the ffmpeg-spawn from that folder, but still get the same error (see attached screenshot


Please, can you be more specific? Because I also execute the command exactly like it is writing up there or with the GitHub link but still get this error and the installation of this node still failed.

Go into your .node-red folder and run the command Steve posted.

Hi Colin,
thank you for your reply and your support.

yes, this is exactly what I did but I keep getting the same error.
See the attached screenshot

maybe I should also mentioned that I'm using node-red on Win10 system and not Linux?
can you give me another hint to install this spawn node on windows?
thank you in advance

Oh yes, that is what you already posted, sorry. Is git installed? Run
git --version
to check.

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that could be the issue. I install other node and sudently, the npm didn't work anymore and I had to change the part in the enviroment variable.
I will chack the git path and give you the feed-back.
thank you already for the help

Hi Colin,

this was the issue, my git wasn't correctly installed.
After a proper installation the version can also be displayed and the installation work now as expected.
Thank you very much for the help, this was really helpfull.

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