Timestamp injection when Switch in Dashboard is on


I want to have a timestamp injection with an interval (1 or 2 seconds) when the switch in the Dashboard is on.....I want to simulate an alarm system with an ultrasonic sensor.......if somebody is "near my house" and the alarm system ist armed, I will have a LED to blink....
Sorry for my english !!:slight_smile:

use a trigger-node to create/send the interval messages...connect the dashbord button to the trigger node and its on/off messages can control the triggering of the interval messages.

A simple way to do this is to have an Inject node injecting at the appropriate rate and send that through a node-red-contrib-simple-gate which you can control from the dashboard switch to allow or block the messages.

Here is a basic flow which does what you want.

Replace the inject and debug nodes as required.
And adjust the frequency too as required.


Oh yes, I forgot you could do that. @Trying_to_learn's way is better than my suggestion.

No problem.

I only know that because I have recently needed something just like that and so it is fresh in the memory.

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