Timestamp on value read form OPC UA


Im trying to log some data from a OPC server, i got the data flowing but i need a timestamp to keep track of the order. Just like UaExpert (gives server and client time).
In what direction should i look? i have tried the OPCUA-Item from the "node-red-contrib-opcua" since it got the DateTime type, but it just sends me the value.


Attach a debug node to the output with "Complete msg" set as the output
Look in the sidebar (expand the msg) - anything?

Sorry for the late reply!

This is the msg from the debug.

The tag dose not have the time. but surly I can add it some how?
both server and client time.

I use listener and response nodes. There's a lot more in the debug output than that. What are you using ?

My flow looks like this:

I added a few more tags on the server and was able to get the time. But i still need the client time.

Ah, now I understand, you are using the other OPCUA library.

I use node-red-contrib-iiot-opcua and get far more info...

You could switch libraries & take advantage of the additional features?

Pass the output of the OPCUA node to a change node, and set some field like msg.timestamp to the current timestamp -- or am i missing something?

Yes, time of reading ! = Time of value change.

Consider you connect to an OPC at 08:00 - the value of a TAG may have changed at 03:55 - sometimes this is knowledge is important.

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