To use framework or not?

What's the point in using frameworks like svelte or vue for uibuilder? What becomes easier?
So far im ok without framework. But i suspect svelte/vue makes processes easier when making charts,forms and multiple pages.

What do people here reccomend?

I believe it's a personal choice. I'm using uibuilder with vue3 and quasar, for easiness and UI classes.

Mostly it is about leveraging what others may have already built but also about hiding the oddities of HTML and the DOM. And believe me, as I've been building uibuilder, I've discovered a never-ending list of inconsistencies in the DOM and its API's. That's why the uibuilder client also now has effectively its own mini-framework. The difference being though that with uibuilder, everything is optional. You can use raw HTML/DOM if you want, uibuilder's framework (the so-called low-code features), or a 3rd-party framework. Or indeed mix and match as you prefer.

Personally, I've gone off Vue. When I started with it, it papered over many of the limitations of HTML/DOM at the time without forcing you into the complex depths of the framework if you didn't need it for relatively simple tasks. But in the transition from v2 to v3, I feel that they've lost a lot of that simplicity and I no longer really recommend it for many of the tasks you are likely to want from a Node-RED driven UI.

Svelte and other more modern frameworks such as LIT have the advantage of also being able to generate W3C compliant components. And, for me, if I were creating something complex at the front-end, I'd want to use something like that to help avoid the constant major upgrade issues with other frameworks and to help ensure compatibility with future HTML/DOM changes.


Thanks. I continoue without framework for now. Works good that way

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