Any suggestion for web apps visual programming tools

I have been using Node-Red for quite a while, and looking for a visual programming tool to develop webapps that hopefully work seamlessly with Node-Red.

I have been looking at and UI bakery, any suggestion?

Isn't Dashboard enough for you? What are you really looking for in such a tool?

You should be able to interface any front-end framework with uibuilder though it might not always be easy to get started since you will have to interpret what the framework says in a way that allows you to work with uibuilder and Node-RED. I think there may be some specific VueJS UI builders that may be a little easier to work with. Though typically all such builders require that you run a build step - this can certainly be used in conjunction with uibuilder but the learning curve can be rather steep.

You can also use Node-RED as an API server which may work better with some of those more complex tools like

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