Tool with UI to quickly build firmware to send & receive MQTT data from IOT device (ESP8266,ESP32, Arduino) for Node-RED

Quick IoTs - One click app for Internet of Thing

Hi, After months of working, I am happy to release Quick IoTs

It is an opensource project with the core is Open MQTT Gateway . Quick IoTs allows to quickly build firmware to send & receive MQTT data from IOT device (ESP8266,ESP32, Arduino) with UI friendly. Flow is below

  • Download and Run Quick IOTs App, Choose device from UI
  • Choose modules (sensors, gateway..) from UI
  • Click Build & Upload. If you are missing any conditions for build, Quick IoTs will help and automatically install missing lib
  • Built-in Serial monitor and MQTT logger, so you could easily track data sent & receive from device without 3rd app or terminal

Quick start

  1. Create new project image

  2. Choose device

  3. Choose module (1), setup PIN on device as require (2), Build & Upload (3)

  4. Your device will be running now. Connect to device wifi, Enter in browser, set Wifi device connect to & MQTT server (that mean you could build device and bring everywhere to setup like a commercial device)

  5. Open Serial monitor and MQTT log to see data. Now MQTT data from sensors send through MQTT, you could also send MQTT data to IR gateway. Open Node-red and setup a flow to control device through MQTT

Device support

  • NodeMCU ESP8266
  • NodeMCU ESP32
  • Arduino MEGA
  • Arduino UNO

Sensor support

  • HT11/21/22: Temperature and Humidity
  • HCSR501: Motion detect
  • INA226: Current/voltage
  • ADC: Analog/Moisture
  • BH1750: Light
  • TSL2561: Luminosity
  • BME280: Weather

Gateway support

  • Infrared: Send, receive
  • RF433, RF315, RF2, Pilight: Radio frequency
  • LORA: Long range
  • A7: SIM, GSM, GPS
  • Bluetooth: Send, receive
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Unfortunately, my browser blocks your website due to some kind of security issue. I don't think it likes at all.

<script src="./assets/web/assets/jquery/jquery.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
ip = "";

	if( == "Vietnam"){
		window.location.href = './index_vi.html';
		window.location.href = './index_en.html';


I am really confused, it IS ip-api issue

I remove ip-api and set to static html. You could visit now, hope you could have time to give it a try

Yes, that works fine :slight_smile:

You mean website or app

Website .

Nice project with nice concept.It will certainly make life easier for non programmers to implement simple home automation.I am not sure but is it possible to bundle it directly with node-red (via node,flows or even UI builder ) so new sensor device can be implemented directly from node red dashboard or UI builder website ?.That will make it even more easier. Best of both world by adding power of node red.

This looks very interesting.
Unfortunately I wont be able to give it a try until September. (I'm away from home).
Are there plans to add more to the supported sensor list?