Topic names and editing

(Way off topic)

Not that I mind too much, but a thought has arisen recently.

I start a thread (post) on a subject.

Other people can edit the ..... topic.

I can't (and don't really want to) edit other people's thread topics.

I get it that a person who is really really really new to the forum may post vague thread titles, but still the anomaly has been seen where topics on threads I start can be edited.

Could someone explain what is happening?

Moderators can edit others threads. Nick and Dave have promoted some members to be moderators.

Ok. I was hoping (by mistake obviously) I had learnt to word topics better.

Take your recent post. “Difficulty with this hat”. What is this ? Why not say the name ? Then someone who has one may spot it and help .
Likewise “where are these scripts hidden”. What scripts?

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As I said: I made a mistake. Which is covered by the obviously part.

Sorry. It isn't I do it on purpose.
Even if it seems I am.

You should be able to edit your own topic, so you can correct/ improve it if necessary

Yeah, that is on the understanding I realise I made a mistake. No problems.

Well after you have written the rest of your post you can check that the topic reflects what it is really about

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