toUpper msg.payload

Hi all, While I am replying to and with Colin (thanks) I am getting another problem:

TypeError: msg.payload.toupper is not a function

Help. first, it worked like a charm and after some reformatting JSON (is ok) I am having this error.

Any suggestion is welcome.

toUpper is a function on String type objects.

If you pass your message to a Debug node, you can check if msg.payload is a string or not.

Isn't it .toUpperCase()?


I thought toUpper was C++, not javascript??

Yup toUpperCase()

sorry guys, you where right. It should be to uppercase. I should keep myself to one (1) programming language.

And don't forget that JavaScript function and variable names are CASE SENSITIVE. :grinning:

Yup, JavaScript rules them all! :scream_cat: :rofl:

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