Trace error - Unknown context store '1588626347214' specified. Using default store


I am trying to trace where this error comes from - I have about 30 context data in 6 different flows, snot that easy to find - or is it?

04/05/2020, 23:05:48
msg : string[69]
"Unknown context store '1588626347214' specified. Using default store."

That looks like a timestamp - maybe it is being used as a key where it shouldn't ?
usually next to the time/date is a node name or id that will link to the offending node - not sure why you don't have one.

Have you tried adding a catch node connected to a debug node (displaying the 'Complete msg object')?

Hi, Thank I have added the catch, can't find the culprit.

I have one time stamp that control all my flows, there are delays between the flows, I will disable all the flows and do one at a time and see.

Thank you for your assistance.

The catch node catches errors from the tab it is placed on. If you have multiple tabs you should add them there too.

OK, looking at the context functions the signature has the context store as the 2nd (get) or 3rd (set) parameter. Maybe you have added the timestamp to a get where you meant set.

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You made my day @dceejay. Thanks.

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