Use of unknown context store in function node error doesn't ref node

The use of an unknown context store in a function node generates a warning (should it be an error?) which does not indicate the node where the error exists. For example, in a Function node, the line
let x = context.get("x","31")


So it can be difficult to determine where the fault lies.
If it is not difficult to improve this then I suggest that would be worth doing. Should I raise an issue?

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It doesn't report the location because it is difficult to know at the point we are able to detect the bad store name, exactly what node called the context API with the bad store name.

Please do raise an issue - but there isn't a quick fix here.

I guessed that might be the case, though it might have been an oversight.

Issue raised: Use of unknown context store in function node, error doesn't ref node · Issue #3490 · node-red/node-red · GitHub

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