Translate Português pt-BR (Done!)

@hardillib, @dceejay , and @knolleary. Finally, I've finished the Portuguese translation already using v 3.0 branch. There is a PR #3100 opened by @herickf, where I and others made some comments but it was 2.0.3 based and there were some points of improvement that I fixed. Should I submit a new PR? Brgds.

@Fabios A new PR is probably going to be cleaner.

Ok Done. Tks.

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@Fabios do you know any other Portuguese speaking members on the forum that would be able to review the PR please?

Having some peer review will make this move a lot smoother :slight_smile:

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I don't know them, Steve, sorry. But the previous PR was closed and there were only 2 guys there and probably they received the closing.

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