Trigger-empty node

good morning. I have a problem with the trigger-empty node: I send on or off and it gives me this error: TypeError: triggers.keys is not a function "
A few weeks ago it worked correctly for me since it does not have much configuration complication ... but now it does not work.
thank you

Can you create a small flow demonstrating the issue. Also I assume you are talking ABOUT "node-red-contrib-trigger-empty" would you confrm that is the node you are talking about.

Have you updated it recently, I see where was a new release of that node two weeks ago.

yes, it is the node: "node-red-contrib-trigger-empty"
yes, i have updated it and it no longer works. how can i recover the one from two weeks ago

Instead of trying to install the previous release, you should go to the github page and open an issue explaining what has happened so the author could have a chance to fix it

After you have reported it, if you want to install the old version until it gets sorted you can install by going to your .node-red folder and running
npm install node-red-contrib-trigger-empty@n.n.n
where n.n.n is the version you want to install. After (hopefully) the new version is available you should be able to upgrade it using Manage Palette in node-red.

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Thanks for your help

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