Trigger inject node from function node

Please let me know if we can trigger an inject node from a function node.
I tried , but not getting it.
Helpful if anyone knows how we can do it.

Hi @sakshanjsr

why do you want to trigger an Inject node from a Function node?

Your Function node can create a message that is identical to anything the Inject node produces and pass it to whatever you have the Inject node wired to.

My function node #1 is globally setting an array , which i am calling in an inject node .
If the array size in function node #1 is suppose 20 , my next function node #2 gets executed 20 time if i am not manually injection the array to function node #2.

I'm not sure I fully understand what you mean. Regardless, as I said in my original reply, you can trigger a node by passing it a message - so trigger whatever you have the Inject node connected to, not the Inject node itself.