Trigger MQTT update?


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i have the problem, that my energy plug update his "sensor" very slowly. While in the webgui i can see live changed of volt and watt, i dont see it in mqtt. sometimes over 8 Minutes, while the watt changes 50 to 1. So the Solution is very delayed.


Can i trigger a Sensor update?
Its a Tasmota flashed Plug.

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If I remember rightly, you can set Tasmota to update as often as you like.

umm where?

The first entry in a Google search of "tasmota mqtt interval" showed me.

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I found it! -.- Logging settings are not only for console on webgui. the config is for mqtt to.

Thank you for your hint can also keep logging-events and mqtt sensor-events separated by using a rule:

Each change in sensor value can trigger a rule, that can be used to publish to mgtt separately from the log event:

...and here are some examples you can build on: or

Note that the "tele-"<> trigger is equal to the Sensor logging event to console.
A change of sensor value itself can be a trigger, so omit the "tele-" from the trigger name and use the Sensor name only (see docs regarding rules trigger, mentioned above

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Myself using a Tasmota rule to send me every minute the energy consumption
on Time#Minute|1 do publish /vm/cmnd/Vriezer/STATUS 8 endon


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