Trigger node - send every x - flow/global variables

If flow.somevalue changes, the value from the trigger node does not change and sends the same value from the moment the trigger node got triggered. Is this intentional ?

Intentional? not sure

probably more organic since long ago, this was not a typedInput

So, it is how it is & changing it would potentially break existing flows depending on this behaviour.

If this is a feature request to add that capability, it would need to be done in a backwards compatible manor OR in a major version update.

It's not all that surprising, since "resend it every" is a bit ambiguous. It could mean "keep sending the same message" or "send the current value of flow.somevalue." The first interpretation is consistent with the fact that "Send timestamp" repeats the timestamp when the node is triggered, not the current timestamp. If you need the current value, it would be easy to add a change node following the trigger node. An option (checkbox) to retrieve current values probably could be added without breaking anything, but it might not get much use.

I have a use. I update the flow variable elsewhere, so at the moment ??? I have a change node following, as you said, to retrieve the current value.

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