Trigger node wording "extend delay if new message arrives"

Hello all,

As a newb to node-red I found this trigger node's option extremely confusing. There is a boolean on there to

extend delay if new message arrives

But the actual behavior is to restart delay if new message arrives

My interpretation of extend is to add additional time to the node, not reset it.

To be clear I'm not asking the function to be changed (restarting the node is very useful), I just want it worded better..

Not sure if the is the right place to post but my OCD would thank you if the wording could be corrected.

It does add additional time - so it is extending it. It doesn't repeat the first action which is what I would interpret restarting to be (ie doesn't send another message if configured to do so). If I restart a timer I set it back to 0 and do whatever happens at the start again - If I extend it I just keep it running for longer.
I think the wording is OK.

Fair point on it not repeating the first action. "Restart" may not be the best term.

Still, I feel that "extending" indicates an addition to whatever is left on the timer, when it actually restarts the timer back to 0.

But your point is perfectly valid, so unless less ambiguous terminology can be thought up I'll defer to precedent and your expertise.

Appreciate the timely response.

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