Trigger 'wait for' only sends string once. Want to keep triggering until condition changes

I have a situation where I'm measuring natural gas meters for flow. If something happens and the gas flows below 1 SCFM, then I send an email to notify the respective person.

I have the trigger node (send is set to nothing and then 'wait for' is used) configured so if the condition is sustained for 1 or less SCFM for 10, minutes, it sends the email. It will jump out of the trigger and reset using msg.reset if it happens to flow above 1 during that time. However, it will only send the string once for as long as the incoming value is below 1. I want to keep sending strings every 10 minutes until the condition changes. Right now the trigger just resets after 10 minutes.

Right after I posted, I had a thought.

I put a second trigger node right after the first one that uses the same message in the 'send', then use 'resend it every' for 10 minutes.

Cheesy but it works.

can't you put a delay behind it and check the initial node again? Then you would actually have the desired loop

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