Trouble compiling node-red program in IOT2040

I had a project for the digitization of data so, I install node-red in IOT2040.
I deployed my program in the flow, then I can't open the node-red dashboard
More details on the capture

When you say you cannot get at the dashboard do you mean that you cannot get into the editor to see the flows?

The high CPU suggests that node-red is stuck in a loop. Maybe in a Function node or something like an MQTT loop or other loop in your flows. If you stop node red then start it again using the command
node-red --safe
then it will start the editor without starting the flows. Then you should be able to disable sections of your flow and Deploy (which will start the flows) so you can work out where the problem is.

Don't forget to stop node-red before you start it again.

Thank you for responce
How can I use node-red safe in iot2040

No idea, sorry.

Search/ask on the Siemens forum.

Alternatively, replace the device with a Raspberry PI (or similar SBC) and run latest and greatest without the hassle.

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