Trouble with Layout and other stuff

Hi all,

I'm having trouble getting all my flows rto show up in the layout. I have two flows but I can't get both to show up in the Layout.
Been looking at a tutorial that says to select the proper group on each object but I can't see how to do that.
Also, I am trying to set a switch to toggle but can't get that to work either.

I am controlling a Raspberry Pi Zero W. I am able to turn on and off an LED with two switches but cannot get the CPU temperature (using a parsing function and a gauge) .

Thanks in advance for your help

I'm afraid you're not gonna get a lot of help unless you post screen shots and your flow (export it and paste between three ticks ``` code here ```)

There is barely anything to go on with what you have posted.

Some tips...

  • Add debug nodes after every node and verify what you expect is correct.
  • Be more specific
    • nclude the OS, node version, npm version, node-red version,
    • what nodes you're using,
    • what hardware you're using and communicating to
    • What you have tried and where you're stuck
  • Check out examples and the cookbook (links at the top of this forum or search cookbook)
  • Search this forum - there are many examples and tips

Hi Mike.

I too (as do many people) have a RPI.
For me, getting the temperature is a command.

I put an exec node in the flow and enter this command in it to be run.
/opt/vc/bin/vcgencmd measure_temp| sed 's/[^0-9]*//g'

The exec node has 3 outputs. I take the output of the first (top) output and put it through a function node with this in it:

msg.payload = Number(msg.payload)/10;
msg.topic ="TEMP/" + msg.topic;
return msg;

Then the message is on-sent to other nodes.

If the node wants the temperature, it just reads the msg.payload.

The msg.payload can then be sent into a gauge or chart node quite easily.

Hope that helps.