Trouble with "watch" node

Hi There,
maybe someone has a hint for my problem with the "watch" node.
I created a file on my linux system and watch it for changes with the "watch" node.
When I change this file the watch node recognizes this and triggers my flow.
Everything works fine.

Now i changed the file on the system to a mounted file from an other NFS System.
I mounted it with fstab and the file is on my system available.
But when I now change the file on the source system my "watch" node does nothing.
Has anybody any idea what my problem is?

Thanks for your help


The watch node (on linux) uses linux kernel features to do the watching. I believe that does not work with remote drives so neither will the watch node. If you open a file browser window (assuming your linux is a desktop system) and go to a folder on the mounted drive and then change a file remotely you will see that the file window does not automatically update. That is for the same reason. I guess the overheads of watching files remotely would be onerous. It would have to keep polling or something similar.
To do this perhaps you could install node red on the remote system and watch the file there. Then you could use MQTT to communicate between the change back to the first system.

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As Colin says, most networked file systems don't support being watched.

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