Alternativ to Watch node, to look at a folder on a local NAS


Is it possible to use the "Watch" node to look at a folder on a local NAS or an alternativ Node that can look at the folder \172.x.x.x\images\saved\foran\ is there is any changes to the folder?
And if there is, then I need to grap the filename from that changes.

If you are using raspberry or other linux device you can mount the network path and monitor local mounted path.
No sure if it works, but you can give it a try

sudo mount // /mnt/readynas cifs username=yourusername,password=SuperGeheim 0 0

Monitor then with the watch node /mnt/readynas directory

I don't think the watch node will work with remote drives. The OS has no way of knowing when files on the remote machine change other than by polling.

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