Watch folder for particular files

I want to periodically scan a smb share folder for any files with a particular extension. If those files exist, report back with their filenames.... how can I do this?

You can do that with the nide-red-contrib-fs-ops nodes.

Edit, your topic says watch but description says scan. Watching is quite different to scanning.

sorry, I want it to periodically check the folder. I tried fs-ops but I think it can only see the local filesystem, I want to check a smb share.

I have used fs-ops for UNC path.

Are you are trying to access a mapped drive?

I'm running node-red in an unraid docker container - I want to access one of the shares on the same unraid server

So you will need to establish if the container can access the share. If the container can access the path, then fs-ops can.

Thanks, all working now

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