Watch Node isnt watching outside when Nodered runs on docker

Hi Forum,
I have a minimal watch node flow running on my nodered docker. I want the watch my local directory D:\ for any change in file. But unfortunately my watch node isnt watching for any changes. Can anyone provide a solution for this?

Sure, dont use Docker :stuck_out_tongue:

One of the purposes behind docker is that it isolates you from the rest of the system, preventing code inside the container from damaging the host machine. In order to access a directory on the host it has to be mounted in the container. The node red docs for running in Docker describe briefly how to do that.

Are you sure you need to use Docker? If you don't need to then don't, it just makes life difficult.

Hi Colin,
I tried the same in docker and used nodered official docs to bind the volume to local repository. File watcher node can now watch the file of host directory from inside the docker environment.

For the application which I am building I definitely need docker.

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