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I'm running NodeRed in Kubernetes and trying to use the watch node to access network shares. I'm using the NodeRed Image from NodeRed with some additional nodes. I have some problems to access the network shares and unfortunately I can't give the NodeRed deployment root privileges in Kubernetes. I tried different nodes to access the fileshares without success. In general connecting to hosts outside kubernetes is possible e.g. MQTT broker, Database. Is there a way add some settings to the watch node like user and password or any other is there a other way?

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I believe you cannot use the watch node for network shares. The reason is that node red uses the watch feature provided by the OS and that does not work with shares.

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Hi @Colin ,
thx for your answer well I played around a little yesterday and made some progress. I can mount the shared directory but then the watch node isn't working and doesn't detect changes. So looks like it will not work. When running NodeRed as a Windows Service it can watch network shares.

Thx for your help

Really? I am surprised. However I don't use Windows so cannot test it. Perhaps others can confirm this.

Ok I got it working more or less, if you run the container privileged you can mount a network share. After this I installed a new node node-red-contrib-watchdirectory (node) - Node-RED and with this node it is possible to watch the mounted network share.

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