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Hi! I've been trying to setup a simple flow with the built in Watch-node, but I am not really sure what the expected directory input should be. The purpose is to watch a certain directory for new folders (located on the same Synology NAS that the Docker/Node Red runs on).
I have tried different formats, for instance:
etc etc

I get this error message,

So, I obviously can't get my directory right.

Maybe the fact that the folder is located on a NAS is the problem here, but I thought I might check with you first!


You can't provide it with a URL, it must just be a normal file path. Since it is on the same machine then normally you would just use /Media. However, since you are running in Docker you have the added problem that the folder is probably not accessible from the container (that being the point of using a container).
I have solved this type of issue in the past by using Docker Volumes to provide a shared directory. If you can't put your files in that shared directory then possibly you can use soft links to link the two together. Perhaps you can put a link to /Media in the Docker Volume folder. Note that you are circumventing the security features of Docker by doing that. Whether that matters is up to you. Alternatively don't use Docker at all, though you may have another reason for doing that.

Thanks for quick response @Colin!
Okay, then I understand the issue. I have no specific reason to run Node-Red in Docker, but it seemed like to most logical way to do it since my Synology NAS is running 24/7. I also have a windows machine that is supposed to run 24/7, but I do not trust the behavior on that one. I am just in the start-up of my node red use, it would quite easy to take some steps back and reinstall it on another platform.

I found a guide to install node red directly on Synology, and maybe that is something I should test.

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